Quick Tip: Top 10 Lightroom keyboard shortcuts

November 3, 2009

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The greatest benefit of using photography oriented Digital Asset Managers (or DAM), such as Lightroom or Aperture, for us photographers is the highly efficient workflow provided by these tools when working with hundreds or even thousands of images, while sorting, tagging, culling, processing and developing our images.

Having a well tuned and familiar workflow is crucial to quickly process the large amount of images we generate, specially when using digital cameras.

These are my favorite and most often used keyboard shortcuts when working as rapidly as possible within Lightroom.

G – Takes you back to the “Grid” page where you can see all your images

E – Takes you back to to “Loupe” view, to focus your attention on one image

D – Takes you into the “Develop” module

Tab – Hide/Show side panels to provide you with a “clutter free” view of your images (Shift – Tab to Hide/show ALL panels)

\ – Toggles between “before” and “after” image adjustments

1-5, 0 – Sets the rating on the image from 1 to 5, or 0 clears the rating

Z – zooms your image to 100% in Loupe or Develop modes

B – Add image to the “Quick” collection

Cmd – Shift – E – Export selected images

C – Takes you into compare mode with the images in your selection

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