Juan’s Favorite Lightroom 3 Features

December 4, 2009

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Adobe has recently released a beta of their upcoming Lightroom 3. I have been spending a fair amount of time using it and while there are a few bugs here and there I have found it to be very stable and well worth using.

In this quick screencast, I am going to cover my two top favorite new/improved features of LR3, as well as show you how to get the best results when sharpening using Lightroom.

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7 Responses to “Juan’s Favorite Lightroom 3 Features”

  1. Hassan Says:

    Thank you very much Juan for this tutorial, particularly the sharpening bit. It was very informative not only from a Light Room 3 perspective but it applies to other packages too.

    I haven’t purchased Light Room 2 yet (though I have worked with it before). I was hoping to purchase it during the festive period. Do you recommend holding back until the 3rd edition comes out? I scanned quickly through Adobe.com and I didn’t see any publication date.



    • Juan Pons Says:


      Adobe is very tight lipped about release dates, so no one really knows when LR3 will be released.

      There was a great discount on Amazon the other day for over 40% off, but that is gone now. Hopefully we’ll see another sale like that for the holidays.



  2. Hassan Says:

    Thanks Ed,

    I do have access to Lightroom 2 edition at a massive discount(80% = purchase price $99) as I am a university student. However, I don’t want to purchase it only for the LR 3 to be released a couple of months later!
    The problem is $99 is still a lot of money for a student so I want to tread carefully before purchasing for what is essentially a hobby (but a beautiful one)!


  3. Larry Says:

    Great practical advice about sharpening. That 5-min tutorial will make a huge difference for me when using LR. Thanks.


  4. Matt Says:

    Really fantastic tutorial. I had some idea of the new features but this makes it extremely clear. Thanks a lot!!



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