Rick & Juan Pack Their Gear

December 8, 2009

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One of the questions that we most often get asked is about our gear, what kind of gear we have and what do we take out in the field.

While gear alone does not make an image, gear is an essential part of our craft. Rick and I wanted to share with you the typical gear we take when going out to shoot, but we wanted to do it a bit differently.

This video is a bit long, but make sure to watch as we sprinkle lots of gear advice along the way.


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Juan is a wildlife photographer who currently lives in Maine. Juan lives and breathes photography and travels around the country making images, teaching and leading photo workshops. Juan’s favorite destination is Yellowstone in winter.

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3 Responses to “Rick & Juan Pack Their Gear”

  1. Chris Bartow Says:


    Thanks for fixing the password issue. Great video! As an amateur just getting into photography I always find the What’s in my camera bag segments informative.

    Do you have a name/brand for those LED lights that you use for macro photography?


    • Juan Pons Says:

      Hi Chris,

      Yes those are the Sima SL-20LX. You should be able to find them at Amazon.com or other photo retailers.



  2. Soren Hedberg Says:

    Great video! Thanks for the look inside your camera bags, I always find it interesting to see what others are using.


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