12/22/09 Tuesday’s Talented Twitter Find: Ann Latinovich

December 22, 2009



We are starting a new feature here on DPE: Tuesday’s Talented Twitter  Find. Each Tuesday I will choose a photographer who I find on Twitter whose work I think is . . . well, terrific!

I find ’em by reading an interesting post and then by clicking on their web site.

Our first TTTF is Ann Latinovich.

Nice work Anna.

Re this photograph: I love the expression, energy and catch light in the eyes.

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P.S. After posting this piece, Ann told me about the little girl. I thought her story was worth sharing.

I’d seen Anna’s picture (a school photo) at my friends home and knew I had to photograph her. The photograph that I saw, although well lit and composed, didn’t do justice to what I’d heard was a little girl with such a huge spirit. As a child born with Cerebral Palsy, she’s had her fair share of challenges set before her, and I wanted so desperately to capture more than just the simple representation of a physical being, but rather the bright spirit I’d heard this little girl – and family –  to be.

It goes without saying that when her mom called and asked to schedule a shoot, I was more than excited. A month later they traveled over 100 miles to meet and be photographed. Being that Anna is unable to walk on her own, I had a couch moved into a field where I could seat the family. I also bought an antique ladder in hopes of using it as a prop – and it worked out perfectly. We sat Anna on a middle rung of the ladder and I had Mom and Dad surround and support her. It looked very natural –  a playful child on a ladder propped against a tree in a field!

I know one of the family’s biggest concerns and hopes was in capturing Anna naturally – and without struggle. We also decided ahead of time to remove the dark glasses she typically wears. The shoot ended up being one of those where everything goes EXACTLY right. The lighting was perfect; the location was perfect and most importantly, Anna was perfect. It was easy. The shoot had such a natural flow to it. I think God works in mysterious ways. I also think the clouds as catch lights in her eyes remind us that the sky’s the limit!

In the end, I can confidently say that the images we got that day made for one very happy family and one very grateful photographer. It’s shoots like these that keep me coming back for more. It’s when the shoot ends up doing something more than just getting a good shot but rather giving something back – maybe giving something that wouldn’t have been obtainable otherwise – like the gift of a precious child’s personality and joy captured in print. I know it’s something I’ll never forget – and I’ve got the images to prove it :)

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  1. Soren Hedberg Says:

    Wow, Ann has some beautiful shots on her page… you need to add another “T” for “Talented” to TTTF!


  2. Ann Latinovich Says:

    Thanks Rick for the shout out!!! You know I’m a fan :)


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