Announcing the DPE iPhone App & Instructional Videos Podcast

January 15, 2010

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All of us here at DPE are very excited to make two awesome announcements. First we’d like to let you know about our new Free DPE iPhone App. This app lets you keep up with all the new information posted on DPE from your iPhone or iPod Touch (second generation or newer) from anywhere. You can see and read our latest posts, check out the latest podcast, our workshops, our Twitter account and more.

Click HERE to download the app (opens in iTunes).

Our second announcement is also related to iTunes. We are also excited to announce our new Instructional Video Podcast. Yeah that is right another podcast. What we have done is created an easy way for you to be able to download all of the instructional videos you see here on DPE right into iTunes and then sync them to your iPhone or iPod, that way you can watch the videos any time, anywhere. As you can see we already have a bunch of our videos ready for download. We truly hope that this makes that much easier for you to learn from our instructional videos.

Click HERE to subscribe to the instructional video podcast (opens in iTunes).

As we alway say, The Digital Photo Experience is all about YOU, so if you have any ideas or suggestions we’d love to hear them, please contact us!

Lastly, if you enjoy our podcasts and iPhone app, we would love for you to write up a short and sweet review on iTunes, or at least rate us positively there. This helps spread the word about DPE far and wide.



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2 Responses to “Announcing the DPE iPhone App & Instructional Videos Podcast”

  1. Richard Angstmann Says:

    Hi, loving the idea of the app, but wondering if you could explain why a 2nd Generation iPod Touch is a requirement? I have the first gen, and this is the first app I’ve come across that I can not use! It downloads and tries to install, but when I check my iPod Home Screen, it is nowhere to be seen.

    If there is no fundamental reason for excluding the fist gen Touch, then are there any plans to support it in the future? Thanks.


    • Juan Pons Says:


      I understand your frustration. I’ve talked to the developers of the application and I have been told that it’s a limitation of the first gen hardware. The application was built using a template engine, so until we are able to build our own custom application, this is what we are able to have.

      Sorry again.



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