A Time-Proven Photo Teaching Technique – With You as the Teacher

February 25, 2010

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Here is a teaching technique that I learned when I first started taking pictures. The technique: look at a picture and try to figure out how it was created.

Check out these HDR images, which are the final images I took for my HDR book, due out in May. I took the first two are from Miami’s South Beach, and I took the second two at the Magic Beach Motel in St. Augustine, Florida.

I took these images, by the way, my friend and HDR expert Trey Ratcliff was shooting HDR images on the other coast of Florida! I interviewed Trey a while back for our DPE podcast. Check him out.

Question each image. Ask yourself: Is it a true or pseudo HDR image created in Photomatix?  Was Topaz Adjust added? Was a plug-in effect added? What Photoshop adjustments – selective or global – might have been used? How many exposures might have been taken? What lens was used? How was a sense of depth created? Did the time of day or indoor lighting conditions affect the image? How was the vivid color achieved?

Sure, I could easily tell you how I made the shots, but here’s the deal:  you can probably find the answers yourself – and you’ll have fun trying! What’s more, you may find the answer to one of your HDR questions – and remember the answer.

As the saying goes, “Ask and you shall receive.” In this case, you’ll receive additional insight into how to create your own HDR images.

If you not into HDR, join the fun! You can get a discount on Photomatix at the Plug-in Experience on the Plug-ins page.

I hope you can join one of our DPE workshops. I teach HDR at all of them – and at all my seminars.

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P.S. My original theme for this post was: Creating A Style (because HDR is kinda my style, for today, anyway). Another ideas included: Never Underestimate the Importance of a Good Subject, and Use Color to Create Images with Impact. Think about these ideas when you are looking at these images – and, more important, yours.

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