When The Weather Goes Bad, Your Pictures Can Be Good

February 25, 2010

Landscape, Learning

Photograph © Rick Sammon. All right reserved.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Canon 25-105mm IS zoom lens @ 40mm.

Here’s a little homily that you might enjoy, especially if it is snowing where you live, as it is here. Again!!!!!!!!!!

During one of my Hudson River Photography Workshops, the weather turned “bad” one afternoon. All the participants were gathered together in a cozy room for downloading and digital darkroom fun – all participants, that is, except for first-time participant Jeremy Pollack (the youngest person in the group). You see, Jeremy had split to take pictures at the New Croton Dam, which is about 10 minutes away.

During our cozy photo session, Jeremy sent me a text message: Get to the dam! Mist is great.

Well, the students wanted to stay cozy, but as the workshop leader, I felt I had to support young Jeremy. So I put on my rain gear and split . . .  and took my favorite shot of the dam – and I have been photographing it for 25 years!

Obviously, the moral of this homily: When the weather goes bad, your pictures can be good!

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P.S. I was so impressed with Jeremy that I invited him to be a contributor here on DPE. Don’t miss his articles. I also helped him get a book contract. See: hard work pays off!

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7 Responses to “When The Weather Goes Bad, Your Pictures Can Be Good”

  1. Samantha Decker Says:

    This is an incredible shot, and the title of the post is so true! Some of my favorite shots were taken during less-than-stellar weather conditions.


  2. Rick Sammon Says:

    Hi Samantha

    Thanks for your kind words. Now you have to come here to shoot :-)



  3. Rich Charpentier Says:

    Fantastic image Rick. I’ll tell you, the monsoonal downpours we get during the summer make for some of the most dramatic images! So I’m in total agreement with you.

    How good are the monsoons here in Prescott, AZ? One of my photography buddies actually took his vacation during monsoons in order to get some great photos.


  4. Jeremy Pollack Says:

    Thanks for the kind words yourself, Rick. :)

    And I can highly recommend Rick’s Croton-on-Hudson workshops. It was an incredibly fantastic experience.

    And if you interested in New York City photography, watch this space for more information on the book Rick mentioned!


  5. Lori Nicoli Says:

    So true! I actually find myself hoping for bad weather! I have been known to pack up gear (and willing husband) at 1 a.m. to drive several miles to shoot near the dam in a lightning storm or head downtown at midnight when we were “socked in” with fog for some very dramatic street shots. Good times!


  6. Dave Reynolds Says:

    Nice shot…well worth venturing out into the weather!


  7. Mary Lou Johnson Says:

    Merry Christmas, Rick! Gorgeous image of the dam!!! Thanks for the encouragement in less than desirable weather. A couple of my most lucrative shots were in the early morning fog.
    It drops below 50 here in Florida and we shy away. What’s up with that???? NO MORE!!
    Happy New Year!!


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