March 3, 2010

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If your picture isn’t good enough, you’re not close enough. -Robert Capa

No better words have been spoken. For stills or for video. When I started shooting I had not heard those words but my gear forced me to live it.

The servo zoom on my old Ikegami ate up so much power my two batteries would not last very long. My solution, turn the servo off, save the batteries and use my legs. Yes, my legs.

Like Capa said there is no better way to improve your images than to get closer. Closer to the subject. Closer to the action. Zooming has it’s place but moving is better. Shoot and move. Not only are you closer for the powerful visual but closer for the great sound as well.

And when I say shoot and move I mean get the shot for 15 or say 30 seconds and then look for that great reaction. You know that law of physics you learned in high school: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The same goes for video. Guy scores, crowd cheers. Bride walks, bridesmaid cries. Powerful words spoken, crowd applauds. Action reaction.

You could zoom in and capture both but walking in close is even better. Try it and see if your images start to jump out more.

That simple.


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4 Responses to “Zoom”

  1. mhartt Says:

    Actually, it was Robert Capa — not Capra.

    You can look it up on the Internets. Cheers.


  2. Rob E Says:

    Action/reaction, very well put. I’ve never heard it put that way, but it’s great advice. Sometimes the simplest concepts get overlooked. Thanks!


  3. Tittan Says:

    Shoot and move. Good rule of thumb! I heard my old drill seargent’s voice though. Haha, if he only knew how I shoot these days :) Anyway, I think your post has a lot to it, and even if I hear ol’ sarge, I’ll try to follow this tip!


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