Set Your Sights On Lightroom Sunday – And Stay Tuned All Week

March 28, 2010

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We have a fun – and of course educational – week of posts planned for you here on DPE. We are devoting the entire week to tips on using Adobe Lightroom (version 2) – brought to you by some of our DPE gang members, as we like to call them.

Here is the line up:

  • Set Your Sights on Lightroom Sunday – Rick Sammon
  • Monochrome Monday – Rob Sheppard
  • Treatment Tuesday – Jeremy Jeremy Pollack
  • White Balance Wednesday – Eddie Tapp
  • Tone Curve Thursday – Rick Sammon
  • Filters Friday – Rob Knight
  • Sharpening Saturday – Hal Schmitt

New to Lightroom? Well, it’s an image editing and file management program that was developed from the ground up for photographers – unlike Photoshop, which was originally developed for graphic designers. Here is a very quick overview of the different – and totally cool – modules. Each screen grab shows a different module.

Library – This is where you being your Lightroom adventure. You import, export, sort, rate, organize and tag your images here.

Develop – It’s here where you do your digital darkroom work – making your white balance,  color, tone, sharpening, and exposure adjustments. You can even correct for noise, chromatic aberrations and vignetting here. Burn, dodge and crop, too.

Slideshow – Want to easily share your work? The Slideshow module makes it easy. Choose from different templates. Also add captions, a drop shadow and a color border – and even a soundtrack. You can even convert your slide show to a PDF.

Print – You don’t have to leave Lightroom to print your image – or images. You’ll find lots of picture packages from which to choose. Or, create your own picture package. You control resolution and color management, as well a text placement on the image.

Web – Want to create a fast and  totally awesome Web gallery? Here’s where you do it. You choose the background, where to add text and/or metadata. Good fun and very useful tool for showing off your creativity.

Hey! I said this was going to be a quick overview. I will let our team of experts dive into the details of Lighroom – starting tomorrow.

For now, one quick tip: learn Lightroom’s keyboard shortcuts. They will save you tons of time, and will also make working and playing in Lightroom more fun. Don’t try to learn all these shortcuts at one time. Rather, learn one a day.

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  1. Bob Rockefeller Says:

    I’m looking forward to this series – there are some many important things to be done in the “digital darkroom.”

    For those who use Apple’s Aperture instead of Lightroom, I’ve started a series of “translations” for the DPE Lightroom series over on my blog:


  2. Matthew Norris Says:

    Thanks for these tips. I’ll send people mew to Lightroom here for getting started.


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