Per Your Request: Galapagos Photo Tips

March 29, 2010

Photo Tips

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One of our DPE podcast listener asked us about photographing in Galapagos. We addressed his questions on the show, but here are some of my photos that illustrate a few of the tips that Juan and I shared.

Above: Always be ready for action. This short-ear owl grabbed this dove in a split second. Canon 100-400mm IS lens.

Above: Sure, bring your telephoto zoom lens, but don’t forget your wide-angle lens. You can get very close to the animals. Canon 15mm lens.

Above: Shoot eye-to-eye . . . rather than standing straight up and shooting like a tourist. Canon 17-40mm lens.

Above: Don’t always shoot eye-to-eye :-)  Get down to give the subject the feeling of power! Canon 15mm lens.

Above: Stick like glue to the guide. He or she can help you get great shots. Canon 100-400mm IS lens.

Above: Look for pictures that tell a story. Canon 17-40mm lens.

Enjoy the wildlife experience. It’s like no other on the planet! Canon 100-400mm IS lens.

You’ll find quick tips like this – and some Galapagos photographs – in my iPhone app, Rick Sammon’s 24/7 Photo Buffet.

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2 Responses to “Per Your Request: Galapagos Photo Tips”

  1. Walter Says:

    Hey Rick,
    Thanks so much for this article. I had submitted the original questions about my pending trip to the Galapagos and thought that it might have gotten “lost in the sauce” but alas, it wasn’t. I’ll need to sync my iPhone as I haven’t listened to the podcast concerning this topic yet. You and Juan and the rest of the talent (aka “DPE gang” as you put it) have provided me with lots of good information and a few laughs. Keep up the great and seemingly tireless work! I’ll try to send some pics from my trip to the Galapagos and Ecuador when I return.
    Gracias Amigo,
    Vaya con dios!



  2. Walter Says:

    I almost forgot. It seems you may have used a better beamer or some other flash for these shots?


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