Lightroom Week: Tone Curve Thursday

April 1, 2010

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The Tone Curve panel  is one of the most powerful features in Lightroom. It’s often my first stop when working on an image – when I have a good exposure that does not need any Recovery or Fill Light (creative controls  that you’ll f ind in the Basic panel).

When you adjust the Tone Curve, you adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of the image.

You can adjust the Curve by clicking in the Curve dialog and by adjusting the triangle sliders below the dialog. However, most new comers to Lightroom find it easier to adjust the different tones in an image by using the sliders, which make self-explanatory adjustments: Highlights, Lights, Darks and Shadows.

If you don’t see the Curve sliders, click the little fly-out arrow at the bottom right of the dialog (outside the box).

You can see the before/after effect by clicking on the tiny box at the very top of the Tone Curve dialog (outside the box).

To reset and start over, click Reset at the very bottom of the bottom of the Basics panel.

I often like to add a bit of a contrast to an image. I do that my creating an “S” curve in the Curves panel simply by moving the Highlights slider to the right and the Darks slider to the left.

For this image, I also selected the Strong Contrast option from the Point Curve fly-out option. Play around with these options for more creative control.

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Note re Lightroom 3 Beta 2: There is a new, tiny icon in the lower right-hand corner of the Tone Curve panel (above right image). When clicked, lets you adjust Curves as you do in Photoshop: clicking on points, locking in those points and then making your adjustments.

Also, for quick-fix for a low-contrast image,  you can simply click on Tone Curve – Strong Contrast in the Presets panel on the left side of the main panel (in earlier versions, too).


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