Photoshop Technique: High Pass Contrast

April 9, 2010

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Achieving adequate midtone contrast can make or break an image. While Curves offers the ultimate precision for fine tuning contrast, it treats all image areas equally – smooth areas, textured areas, and contours. Using High Pass contrast you can target contrast to affect contours more than other image areas – to a lesser degree, texture and volume are also accentuated.

Here’s how.

Step One

  • Duplicate the Background Layer. Title the new layer High Pass Contrast.
  • Keeping the effect on a separate layer allows it to be modified indefinitely and applied selectively.

Step Two

  • Double click on the layer to activate the Layer Style palette. Set the Blend Mode to Overlay. Lower the Opacity to 50%. And finally move the Blend If sliders on This Layer to 25/45 and 215/235. (Hold the Option/Alt key to split the sliders.)
  • The Blend If sliders are used to hold the effect away from delicate shadow and highlight detail that is prone to clipping.

Step Three

  • Filter the layer with High Pass (Filter: Other; High Pass). Start with a Radius of 50.
  • If haloes appear, lower the radius.
  • Very high Radius settings changes the effect from contour contrast to planar contrast.
  • The filter Radius determines the intensity of the effect.

Step Four

  • Desaturate the layer (Image: Adjustments: Desaturate).
  • This reduces potential hue and saturation shifts produced by this effect.

Step Five

  • Increase or decrease the effect by using the layer’s opacity slider.
  • The Opacity controls how intensely the effect is applied to the image.

Step Six

  • Add a layer mask to localize the effect.
  • Use a black soft-edged brush the effect away.

High Pass contrast is customizable, localizable Clarity for your Photoshop layer stack.

A derivation of High Pass sharpening routines, this technique can also make the image look sharper without accentuating noise.

It’s a useful kind of contrast that is difficult if not impossible to achieve any other way.

Warning! Once you start using it, you may find it hard to stop.

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  1. David Saffir Says:

    I have a number of dune images that will be greatly improved by this. Well done!


  2. Ron Richins Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I tried this out over the weekend. I like it. I set this up as an action, and I’ll probably find it hard to stop now.


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