“Social Media Marketing for Photographers” App Just Released – Grab a Free Code!

NOTE: I am adding this short note after a few folks asked about using the free codes. Here is quick-how to.. for the next time we offer free codes. We gave away more than a dozen free codes today on different sites!

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Hey Gang,

If you are interested in Social Media Marketing (and in expanding your business), grab one of the free codes below for my latest app: Rick Sammon’s Social Media Marketing For Photographers.

The codes go fast. (Uh, the codes only work in the US, sorry.)

Here are the free codes:

Sorry folks, the codes are all gone!

Today, Social Media Marketing is marketing. Now, more than ever, photographers, as well as all those involved in creative endeavors, need to market their work, locally, nationally and internationally. That’s the focus of this comprehensive app.

Juan Pons, the co-created of the Digital Photo Experience, was the dude that put this all together – in about a week!

This is my second app. My first app, co-developed with Dr. Dave Wilson, is Rick Sammon’s 24/7 Photo Buffet.

The app is an audio/video recording of my Keynote presentation on social media marketing. It’s like taking a private 1.5-hour lesson on this all-important subject.

Movie times:
Part 1 – 24 minutes
Part 2 – 26 minutes
Part 3 – 17 minutes
Part 4 – 12 minutes
Part 5 – 11 minutes
Total: 90 minutes.

I recommend that you watch the movies in order to get the most out of the app.

I  cover social media marketing tools such as Twitter, Tweetdeck, Google Analytics, Quitter and more. I try to get you to think about marketing your work daily. I also touch on traditional book publishing and apps.

In addition, I have included a few of his favorite photography techniques – because after all, you are, first and foremost, a photographer. Right?

The app is packed with marketing tips illustrated with my photographs that actually relate to the tips.I feel that this approach makes learning fun. So, you will find more photographs that charts and graphs in this app.

Hope you got one of the free codes!

Explore the light,


P.S. From 1980 to 1990, I was the Vice-President, Group Supervisor on the Minolta camera account at Bozell & Jacobs – one of the largest agencies in the world at the time. I still use some of the same marketing techniques that I used way back then. However, no more suit and tie for me!

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  1. Adam Marin Says:

    I actually got one!! Thanks Rick! This app looks very cool, like your other.


  2. Drew Says:

    Ha, the code I used was accepted but it stil charged me 5.99! No worries as I’m glad to support the effort but that may erk someone else thinking it’s going to be free. Just to let you know.


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