Wildlife Photographer Will Burrard-Lucas Interview // Podcast

May 19, 2010

Podcast, Wildlife

Photograph taken by BeetleCam just before it was mauled! / Image © Burrard-Lucas

[Editors Note: So many of you have asked for more podcasts than the 2 we normally release each month, so we are trying out a new podcast series, these will be short podcasts, between 20-30 minutes, and the content and format will vary. Take a listen and let us know what you think.]

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of interviewing accomplished wildlife photographer and all around good guy Will Burrard-Lucas. Will is a well travelled british wildlife photographer who constantly strives to capture different and unique images. Just recently he and his brother, Matt, set out to build a very unique way to capture wildlife images, up close and personal. The images they captured, like the one on the top of this post, are truly unique. They ran into a few “issues” but since then they have been working hard to improve their design.

After listening to the podcast make sure to head on over to their blog to read more about their creation “BeetleCam”.

BeetleCam Dressed up in camo / Image © Burrard-Lucas

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6 Responses to “Wildlife Photographer Will Burrard-Lucas Interview // Podcast”

  1. Matthew Norris Says:

    That was a really good interview in the podcast. And the beetlecam made me laugh.


  2. Cathy Says:

    While I certainly won’t turn down additional material, personally I don’t mind bi-monthly releases. However, I concede that I’m a bit unusual in that I subscribe to 150+ podcasts (I’d be lost without 2x playback speed.)


  3. Alex Racanelli Says:

    Loved the interview with Will Burrard-Lucas. It’s great you guys do these type interviews. I really love hearing from experienced and creative image makers. It gets your own creative juices going! Looking to see more of that BeetleCam Will. Cheers.


  4. Ross Monks Says:

    Really enjoyed the interview. Got some inspiration from the idea of moonlight wildlife photos. These discussions of what good photogs think about in looking for their photos and how they implement it are exactly what I like!


  5. David Pearson Says:

    Oh I love Bettlecam – it’s amazing. There’s a video on YouTube where the guys talk about it and you can see it in action.


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