Two Worlds in HDR: Day 6 – Getting Ready for International HDR Day

June 25, 2010

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Image © Rick Sammon

It’s Day 6 of Two Worlds in HDR . . . leading up to International HDR Day, on June 26th. Click here for more information (prizes, etc.) on International HDR Day.

Trey Ratcliff’s tip for today’s image: An Evening Stroll Around the Cabin – HDR can help capture the true mood of a warm cabin in the wild like nothing else

Rick Sammon’s tip for today’s image: Add a touch of Topaz Adjust to your Photomatix images and create artistic images. In HDR, you have a choice of Artistic or Realistic – and everything in between :-)

Rick’s NJ HDR Day: July 18!

If you are just getting into HDR imaging, or want some ideas, check out our HDR books:

A World in HDR – by Trey

HDR Photography Secrets – by Rick

Also check out Trey’s new Textures tutorial DVD, it’s very cool. Trey will also has an HDR instructional DVD in the works, so make sure to keep an eye on

Here’s a quick video I did on HDR imaging. Enjoy!

If you are totally new to HDR, you’ll need an HDR program to process your images, such as Photomatix.

You can get a 15% discount when purchasing Photomatix, make sure to use this code upon checkout: “DigitalPhotoExperience”.

Topaz Adjust can also help in expanding the dynamic range of an image, although it’s not a true HDR program. You can order Topaz adjust here. (Make sure to use the discount code “juanpons” for an extra 15% off).

Good luck to you all!

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  1. Jamie Lawrence Says:

    In preparation for International HDR day, I’ve put together a blog post and tutorial for Sony NEX users wanting to use the built-in HDR mode tomorrow:

    I hope it’s useful to someone (or interesting for anyone who doesn’t have a NEX but is considering it!)


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