STOP! And take that shot!

July 13, 2010

Photo Tips

One of the best tips to improve your photography is to pick up your camera every day. I used to think this was so difficult. Who has time for this? Between going to work, errands, and living your non-photographic life, carving out a few minutes for photography can be difficult. Instead, live a photographic life! Take your camera with you everywhere, and when you see a shot, STOP and make a photograph!

The image above was on my drive home from work a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful scene and I could have just driven past and enjoyed the view, but instead made myself pull over, stop, and spend 10 minutes creating a picture.

You are surrounded by beautiful photos every day. Make the time to pick up your camera and create. Not only will you end up with a library of photos, you will continually improve your craft.


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9 Responses to “STOP! And take that shot!”

  1. Michelle Smith Says:

    So true… stopping for a couple of minutes to capture an image and memory that will last you a lifetime (or more). Well worth the couple of minutes. Definitely a beautiful scene – I love the angles and how the colors play well together :)


  2. Jennifer Hannux Says:

    I agree! I always take my camera with me EVERYWHERE and just in case I always try and make sure I have a spare battery and memory card. You never really know when you will see something photogenic… and when you do you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t have your camera!

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

    NEK Photography Blog


  3. Preeti Says:

    Great advice! This is definitely something I need to do more often.


  4. Bill Says:

    Completely agree, I always have a camera with me. If not my full size Nikon dslr, then my point & shoot. Another way to Motivate yourself is to commit to a Project365, a photo a day for a year. Then, you’ll always be looking for a photo.


  5. Chris Says:

    I agree totally, although don’t always manage to follow the advice as much as I’d like to.. I have bought a small P&S so I have fewer excuses. This way I can keep it with me @ work, etc and not have to carry my big regular DSLR around everywhere.. it’s also what I use as a “scouting” camera, so if I see something interesting I can grab the pic, then if it’s a building or something permanent, I can plan to come back later with my other gear and really take more time. Works out nicely.


  6. BebopDesigner Says:

    Absolutely agree! It’s like music, you practice everyday, chances are you’ll end up improving yourself.
    I’m doing my first Project365 and I’m having tons of fun. I live in a bit of a dodgy city, and carrying a camera around is a bad idea, but still you can find your way around this and it’s fun.

    Anyways, the farm picture above looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing


  7. Jeremy Pollack Says:

    Glad to see such a response to this post. Keep shooting!


  8. Mike Clark Says:

    If you’re looking for daily shooting ideas, try The Daily Shoot: Every day we post an assignment to inspire and motivate you to pick up your camera and make a photograph!


  9. Becky Buppert Says:

    How many times have I been on my way to or from work and said “Damn I wish I had my camera”!! Too many times to count!


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