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July 18, 2010


Here’s the first installment in a series I plan to post on quick lighting tips. Let us know if you want to see more stuff on lighting –  indoors and out.

These pictures were taken by Vered Koshlano, the co-author of my book, Studio and On-Location Lighting Secrets.

In the top photograph, a remote flash, mounted on a stand and placed in an octodome softbox, was used to freeze the action of the model jumping. Compare the contrast and detail in that image to the second image. That image looks flat, because the day was overcast, and overcast days produce flat lighting.

The pictures below (clockwise, from top left) show:

• flat, overcast day lighting;

• how a reflector can brighten up the subject…

• how a flash creates even more contrast;

• and the remote flash set up that Vered used.

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4 Responses to “Jump Into Creative Outdoor Lighting”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Yes! This is what I am confused and struggling with. I need lots more tips & suggestions especially for moving objects, ie toddlers.


  2. Rick Sammon Says:

    Cool Sharon. Stay tuned….



  3. Andreas Hafenscher Says:

    Hi Rick,
    I was looking for a long time for a softbox like the one in your article.
    I would really appreciate if you could post a link to the manufacture site of the “octodome softbox”.
    Thanx a lot. Bye the way – I love your show.
    best wishes from austria


  4. George Says:

    Rick. Have you tried the radio poppers?
    And if so what is your thought on them.


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