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July 19, 2010

Photo Tips

Here is a very quick tip: See the light.

Look for the direction of light (above: back light), the contrast range in a scene (above: medium), and the color of light (above: warm).

In the opening shot for this post, back light, which created beautiful rim light, makes the shot more than snapshot. The back light also adds a sense of depth to the image, much like a background light adds a sense of depth to a portrait.

Compare the light in the opening picture to the flat light in the photo below – which was taken in the shade.

Explore the light,


P.S. I took these pictures of the cute Bambie in my backyard this morning. Another tip: Always have a camera ready.

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2 Responses to “See the Light – Capture the Light”

  1. jose Says:


    Good backlight shot. In the second shot what would be a suggestion as to make it better is the shade is the only option. Sometimes there are no options in angles but the subject is a must…



  2. Rick Sammon Says:


    If the subject is in the shade, shoot it – with your camera. Then, increase the contrast and warm up the image in Photoshop, etc.


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