Adobe releases new Release Candidates for Lightroom 3.2 and Camera Raw 6.2

August 10, 2010

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Adobe has just announced new Release Candidates for both Lightroom 3.2 as well as Camera Raw 6.2.

What happened to Lightroom 3.1 you ask? Well here is Adobes own words on the matter:

WAIT! What happened to Lightroom 3.1? Well, it never happened. In order to simplify the presentation of updates for raw file format compatibility, the Lightroom and Camera Raw “dot” version numbers have been aligned at “2″. We update the Camera Raw plug-in and Lightroom regularly to provide access to new proprietary raw file formats and have aligned the decimal place so that there’s no confusion over which Lightroom update corresponds to a Camera Raw plug-in update and vice versa.

One new feature has been posted for this release of Lightroom:

  • The ability to publish directly to Facebook from within the Library module

This LR update brings 68 bug “corrections”, support for a dozen new cameras, 54 new lens profiles and 3 lens profiles updated.

For the full details and links to download both LR and ACR go to:

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