From Portrait Snapshots to Great Shots

September 22, 2010

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Rick and Juan where teaching at the awesome Maui Photo Festival a few weeks back and we took a bit of time to record this quick and easy tip on creating great portrait shots in harsh light situations.

Hope you enjoy this tip.

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Juan is a wildlife photographer who currently lives in Maine. Juan lives and breathes photography and travels around the country making images, teaching and leading photo workshops. Juan’s favorite destination is Yellowstone in winter.

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One Response to “From Portrait Snapshots to Great Shots”

  1. Mike Ward Says:

    Rick – Great tip using the diffuser for taking the portrait shot. It was good seeing the difference in the shots and I would like to make a request. When using video to provide a tip can you do a final shot that places both pictures on the screen at the same time so the differences are highlighted. Essentially placing them side by side? We can’t flip them back and forth easily like you can on your iPhone app but not as easy with the video. Very cool app by the way!

    Big Fan of DPE


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