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Judy Host is an award winning International Portrait Photographer and Educator traveling all over the world to share her experiences with her peers. She has recently recorded her first DVD on the Art of Available Light Photography. Check out Judy's website at Upcoming workshops are in Miami and Maui, Los Osos, and Denver For more info, please contact her at

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Paradise Dreamscape

September 8, 2010


This image was created in Maui, Hawaii during the 2010 Maui Photo Festival Chris (the model) and I had been dodging the rain most of the afternoon when we finally decided to use this gorgeous tree as shelter from the storm. The light was a very soft and diffused – and the tree seemed to […]

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Creating a Great Image – Part II – Emotional Impact

January 29, 2010


Do your images evoke an emotional response? When ever I want to know if an image works, I share it with my friends and see what happens. I love it when someone says Wow! I really love this image with out my asking for a response. I know I have done a good job when […]

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Creating a Great Image – Part I

December 30, 2009


Over the next few months, I will share the 12 elements that go into the making of a great image – in the hope that these elements will help you create wonderful images. Element #1 – Capturing a moment or storytelling. As photographers we are storytellers. We are capturing forever a moment in time that […]

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Have Fun!

December 2, 2009


As Princess of Portraiture I have a whole list of “What makes for a Wonderful Portrait”, which I will be sharing with you in up coming posts. For this month, the last of 2009, I want to emphasize some elements of our work that I believe go to the way side when we are trying […]

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