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Randy is owner of Hawaii's oldest fine-art photography gallery. He left the world of corporate & medical photography behind 20 years ago to realize his dream of becoming a professional camera artist. He is an avid outdoorsman who proclaims, "My tent is my castle, and my kayak is my limousine." You can visit Randy's website at

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The Fire-Knife Dancer

September 10, 2010


During the Maui Photo Festival in August, most of the photographers were caught completely off-guard when our fire-knife dancer appeared almost unexpectedly out of the darkness — well after the sun disappeared. There were perhaps 50 photographers in a semi-circle, including several pros. Each of us had to act quickly on the situation. My first […]

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Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse…

May 25, 2010


Most of us have been asked to photograph an event on stage; in a church, auditorium, or in a theater. The angles and lighting can be difficult, and you might not be given access to the perfect shooting spot, even if you are a professional with a press pass. As more and more photographers (amateur […]

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Mixing Brush Madness

May 14, 2010


Upon opening my new box of Adobe PS5, I jumped right in to explore the new tools. My instant favorite is the wet mixing bristle brush. Using the wet mixing brushes is like putting “liquify-warp-smudge” on steroids. I hastily made a couple of images into “paintings”, as I toyed around with the new PS5 settings. […]

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The Death of Professional Photography? Not!

April 28, 2010


A recent article in the New York Times practically proclaimed the death of traditional professional photography. (The New York Times, March 29, 2010, “For Photographers, the Image of a Shrinking Path“, Stephanie Clifford) First, I felt offended as I scanned the paragraphs. Then, I decided not to participate in that pessimistic frame of thought. The […]

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Creating a New Product Line

April 8, 2010


In the exciting world of retail art photography, a photographer has to keep on evolving; keep on experimenting; keep on creating new looks. Like most serious photographers, I have a truckload of old images that are really top quality, but which needed to be given a breath of new life. For ten years now I […]

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Blur For Sure!

April 6, 2010

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As photographers, we are sometimes obsessed with sharp images — this includes getting rid of all blur. Right? Not so fast… I love blur! And now we have so many types of blur from which to choose! When heading out to capture a scenic landscape, we are often confronted with motion in the trees and […]

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…and while you’re at it…

March 22, 2010

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This past week I sold three large canvases from my website. The interesting thing about this is not that I actually earned a decent bit of professional income, but rather, all three of the images were “afterthoughts”. Generally, when I head out to shoot, I have an agenda, an assignment, or a particular image that […]

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More Drama

March 17, 2010


Exaggeration and drama are occasionally called for when finishing an image. In this case, I wanted to make my subject look like the king of the waves. Thanks to the power of Adobe Camera Raw processing, I was able to pull an enormous amount of data out of my original capture that might have otherwise […]

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Never Mind the Dust – Change the Lens!

March 10, 2010


It seems that I am always hearing younger photographers discuss the horrors of switching a lens out in the field. There is this underlying concern that a person may actually get a fleck of dust inside the camera, and then actually allow it to land on the sensor. Oh the horror! My advice to you […]

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Cooperate with Mother Nature

March 3, 2010


The weather has been all screwy this week here on Maui. We have had scorching sunshine, thick volcanic haze (which we call vog), strong trade-winds, and heavy rain all within a few days. I had to shoot two portraits during heavy rain, and both came out really well. Whew! We photographers always keep an eye […]

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