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February 8, 2010

HDR, Making an Image

Here is a shot I took a few days ago at the Magic Beach Hotel in St. Augustine, FL. It’s one of my favorites from my workshop.

The image got me thinking about all the elements that come together for a good photograph:

– envisioning the end result

– interesting subject

– telling the story

– choosing the right lens (here: 15mm on my Canon EOS 5D Mark II)

– careful composition

– choosing the f-stop/shutter speed combination for the desired effect

– setting the correct white balance

– good exposure (here: actually 3 exposures for an HDR image)

– careful processing (here with Photomatix and Topaz Adjust)

– careful crop.

So my friends, think about all these elements when making your pictures.

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2 Responses to “All Together Now”

  1. Bernie Says:

    What you didn’t mention is editing the contents of the image as in removing stuff that doesn’t contribute to the message.

    My first thought was there is a lot of clutter in this image but on closer inspection everything contributes to the idea of a room that is used by someone. The use of the wide angle lens makes it obvious the stuff was all meant to be there.

    The red robe is interesting as the main point of interest. There is nothing quite so red anywhere else in the room. It also looks as if it might have a body in it kneeling and sitting on it’s heels but without a head.

    Which reminds me of another element I like to put into my images and that is an element of mystery. Something to make the user wonder about and contribute to the image themselves. The body without a head is my contribution here. I wonder if others see it too.


  2. Ivan Says:

    Nice Picture Rick. I love HDR photography and this is a great example.


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