Enter to Win: Workshops Give-Away

February 18, 2010


Hey Gang

Here is an offer that can’t be beat! Win a free workshop with Juan and myself (two different workshops).

Rick’s: Hudson River Photography Workshop. I took this photograph at one of our shooting locations, believe it or not.

Juan’s: Waterfalls of Western NC instructional photo workshop. Take a look at one of the places Juan will take you below.

In order to enter here is what you need to do:

  1. Write a short essay of at least 150 words (we count) as to why you’d like to join one of our workshops
  2. Post you essay with a link to your site, in the comments section of this post.
  3. Send a twitter message that says: I just submitted an essay to @DPExperience to win a spot on a photo workshop, check it out: http://bit.ly/aGHiP9

If you have a preference for which workshop you’d like to attend make sure to say so in your comments post.

We’ll choose the best essays and award the winners

Offer expires March 15th. The prize is only the workshop. Travel, food, hotel, and other expenses are not covered.

Good luck, and we’ll see at least one of you on each of our workshops. In other words, we will pick 2 winners one for ONE of Ricks Hudson River Photograph workshops and one for Juans Waterfalls workshop.

Explore the light,


Contest is now closed, winners have been announced here.

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15 Responses to “Enter to Win: Workshops Give-Away”

  1. Chris Says:

    I have been hearing impaired since 18 months old. Growing up I never envisioned losing additional hearing but in February 2005 I did. It was devastating not only to me but my wife and family. After 8 long months of hearing tests, I was approved for my first cochlear implant and a year later, received my second implant. Now, I am happy to say I can hear more than ever…in fact, I never heard a cricket til now.

    You are thinking what does this have to do with photography. Well, I received a lot of help from people to help me hear and I feel both of you can help me become a better photographer through your instruction. In turn, I can apply the lessons I have learned to create unique photos which I can share with others. Thank for offering this once and a lifetime opportunity.



  2. Matt Graham Says:

    My journey in photography has really developed over the last year since buying a Canon Rebel XSi on New Years Eve 2008. I have been so lucky to have the Canadian Rocky Mountains in my backyard and with great camera stores in the Calgary area. The opportunity to participate in a workshop with Rick or Juan is something that I probably would not have entered had it not been for some life changing career moves. My fiancé and I are moving to Pittsburgh PA from Calgary AB this summer and what a change in scenery that will be. I am looking forward to fantastic autumn colors, old architecture and being closer to great workshops put on by generous knowledge sharing photographers like Rick and Juan. I must say, that I never would have known about these guys if it was not for Twitter. It has been one of the greatest social media participations for learning about photography. If I am selected, I would love to attend Rick’s workshop since I have wanted to know what makes Croton-on-Hudson so special. Photography has been a great outlet of my creativity and I can’t think of a better way to learn more but to attend workshops with photography’s “greats”!



  3. Samantha Decker Says:

    Photography has become a great passion of mine over the past year. Every aspect of photography fascinates me, from how to make the best pictures I can in camera, to making them shine even more in Photoshop. I would love to attend Rick Sammon’s August Hudson River Workshop because Rick is one of the most knowledgeable yet down to earth photographers whose work I have come to know in the past year. Rick truly enjoys teaching about photography and sees it as a learning experience, always willing to learn from his students. I like that outlook, as I too plan to become a teacher, and I think the best learning experiences come when everyone is open to exchanging ideas. I rarely have the opportunity to exchange ideas about photography in person; very few of my friends take as much interest in the field as I do. I would love to have the opportunity to learn from Rick in person, as well as getting the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of a part of my own state that I have never seen in depth. I have never been to a workshop before, and I would savor the chance to get to meet and exchange ideas with more passionate photographers, including, of course, Rick himself!


  4. Paul Brace Says:

    At the end of any three day Photoshop World workshop you discover how small your brain capacity is to be able to accommodate the dump of information you have received. This is the humbling impact of creative education, when you walk into a class as an expert, only to leave reclassified as an amateur. But an amateur with great aspirations!

    I believe a workshop with one of the best in the business would accomplish the same objective from a photography viewpoint, and I thirst for a photographic brain stress test. The more I learn the more I understand. The more I understand, the more I find, I need to learn.

    My best work is out there in the future awaiting my arrival at some, as yet, undefined place and time. If fate hands me this opportunity I will grasp it with both hands. (Hudson River wish list)


  5. Mark Williamson Says:

    I have been following Rick Sammon since I started in photography. I bought one of his books when first got into photography. Chase Jarvis was correct when he referred to Rick Sammon as one of the Godfathers of Photography. It’s true. He is!! He is a prolific writer and a good teacher. The fact that he takes some pretty good images doesn’t hurt.

    I first heard of Juan Pons on Tweeter. He always had some great insights into photography and, after looking at his images, he also was not bad with a camera. I have been following him and have become a big fan of both his knowledge and images.

    Ok, they are both GREAT with a camera which means that they can back up what they are teaching with an image that demonstrates what they are talking about. How could anyone go wrong with learning from either one of these photographers in a small group situation? They both have lots to offer and are good at explaining important ideas in photography.

    Part of what I am looking forward to while participating in a workshop is not the details of how to produce the image, but the feed back on the image itself. I want to be able to pick someone’s brain and find out how they think as they go through their workflow. What makes a good image in their mind? What are they seeing? What are they trying to get the view to see? How are they trying to do that? Jon and Rick both seem to do that when they are online

    I think that attending either of the workshops would be an opportunity to move my photography forward. I love nature/landscape photography and like to shot locations and events, but am interested in learning more people skills and shooting portraits.

    That is why I think The Croton-on-Hudson would be awesome because it I would be able to expand my skills. On the other hand, spending 3-4 days exploring North Carolina, part of the country that I haven’t been to before, sounds like a blast and would also further my photography.

    In other words, it is a win/win situation for myself, or anyone, to attend either of these workshops. They win by learning photography from the best and they win by being exposed to different locations and ideas.


  6. erno james Says:

    I am not good at writing essays nor at “making” good photographs, but would like to someday. I was recently bitten by the shutterbug and just spent my mortgage on my first DSLR and first lens (not joking), then another “1/2-mortgage” on polarizing filters, a tripod, a battery grip, and a camera bag. I’ve been listening to nothing but photography podcasts on my commute and realized I have a new hobby.

    Next was seeing your inspiring images on DPE. I’ve been inspired once before. I played trumpet growing up and saw Wynton Marsalis at the Roxy in Hollywood. Well, many years later I have yet to cut my first jazz album. So I doubt I’ll ever get good enough to write a photography book and cut into sells of your upcoming books. I’d be honored to learn from either of you.

    (but since Juan has two 7D’s which is my new camera, I’d lean his way).


  7. Jason Perdue Says:

    Photography is a journey, one that should be experienced with others. My journey was started many years ago by my father. He carefully through trial and error taught himself and me how to photograph images that people enjoy looking at. As the years past my desire to learn more led me to online courses and various readings. Everything I saw or heard expanded my understanding of the art I have come to love.

    Today I like to share my information and knowledge with anyone who is interested enough to listen. The road is so much more enjoyable when you have someone to laugh with or who will challenge you to push your comfort zone. Your workshop would provide just such a place. A place to push myself and my photography beyond my comfort zone, a place where I can gather more information and add techniques you use to my photography. Your workshop would provide an opportunity to work and learn with other photographers. In short your workshop would help me to grow personally and professionally as a photographer.



  8. jen Says:

    I have been making pictures since 1995 when I bought my first SLR at an auction in a barn in upstate NY. I was thrilled and set to work learning how to use it, and read many books on photography. I even took a correspondence course through NYIP. I did a tiny bit of portrait work, but mostly enjoyed nature photography.

    However, I soon started a family, and rearing my two rowdy boys took precedence over the quiet time I needed to sit outside and photograph nature undisturbed. My images consisted more of snapshots of my children and less of the natural beauty that surrounds me.

    Now that my boys are 11 and 8, I am once again embracing the photographer inside me and attempting to return to what I love doing. I am still a busy mom, and it is difficult to juggle a full-time job, homeschooling, and everyday family life with my strong desire to have a camera in my hands at all times! I am failing miserably at my project 365 this year, but I am trying to complete at least one blog post a week of my favorite images. I have my camera in my hands as often as I can, whether it’s to make an image or just to learn a new function (I just upgraded to the Sony a900 a few weeks ago).

    Being able to participate in either Rick’s or Juan’s workshop would be a dream come true. I cannot tell you what it would mean to me to be able to attend a live workshop, where I can see, touch, & hear all the things that will help me improve my craft and take me to the next level, as well as get constructive feedback on my work. I am so excited about the possibility of being able to absorb even just a tiny portion of what you two have learned over the span of your careers, and then bring that back home to reinterpret it all through my own perspective.

    I would be so grateful to have the opportunity to attend either one; logistically Rick’s workshop would be easier for me because I live in NY and can stay with family in Nanuet (and my hubby can stay busy visiting his family on LI), but creatively, waterfalls are a FAVE of mine (we have many here in the Finger Lakes region as well) and I would love to learn how to improve my waterfall images.

    Thank you, Rick and Juan, for this opportunity.

    Jennifer Wagner-Bunce
    jenniferbunce.com (just photos)
    j-wag.com (photos and blabbing)
    my smugmug site


  9. Joe Russo Says:

    I would love to attend Rick’s Hudson River Photography Workshop. I am an amateur photographer, and have been involved in photography for the last 7 years. I started with an old manual film camera, and three years ago switched to an entry level DSLR, which I still use today. Over the years, I have attended a few online courses and a classroom weekend workshop or two, but have never attended an interactive workshop where I can learn by seeing, doing, and receiving immediate feedback. I am proficient with my camera, reasonably good at all the technical details, but I am lacking in seeing and feeling creatively. I believe that this is a skill that can be learned, but I am in need of guidance. One workshop will not cure this, but it can help to lay the groundwork and show me what I need to do to develop, as well as the chance to expand my network and help find photographers of different experience levels, goals, and styles that can help me as I learn and grow, as well as giving me the opportunity to help others that can learn from my experiences.



  10. jose Says:

    When we take on the task of taking pictures of anything is like Rick says “explore the light” we are actually on a journey searching for the best light reflecting on a subject, any subject if the light is good the subject will stand out in a way that would otherwise be unnoticeable. When explores take on a journey the goal is to find the “treasure, being able to gather clear memories of it in order to share it with the people around. Yet if the explorer finds the “treasure” but is not able to bring proof which make the eyes of whoever see it sparkle is like not having found it in the first place. Thus perhaps I might be able someday to visit NC and see the waterfalls or to NY and see the dam but most probably will miss bringing back that “sparkling“ proof. For me attending the workshops is like taking a journey to the Galapagos alone or being able to travel there with Darwin. What I will be looking at is the same, but what I will be seeing and learning is a world apart.

    Both the journey of Juan or Rick are awesome opportunities to learn, yet because of the date I would not be able to attend Juan’s thus I would like to be considered for Rick’s workshop.

    The link to my site is:


    Have fun,


  11. Lauren Nygard Says:

    I was trained as an architect but have always had an interest in photography. In high school, I would “borrow” my mom’s old Nikon and shoot just about anything I could find. After completing grad school, I picked up a DSLR and haven’t been able to stop shooting since! Though architecture is seen as a creative field, I feel that photography is where I am able to truly express myself via an art form. (Not having to deal with an owner or contractor certainly helps!)

    I’m inspired by nature and love seeking natural light, but have become interested in learning how to use an external flash to enhance the light I am able to find. Recently, I have been taking mostly portraits, and would love to attend a workshop so that I can improve my landscape photography in addition to photography in general. It would be an honor to work with either Rick or Juan!

    Photography has become a new passion of mine, and I would love the opportunity to improve my craft.

    Thank you!
    Lauren Nygard



  12. Colin Wright Says:

    About four years ago, I attended a photography seminar from another pro photographer, and learned a ton from it. Everyday, there’s some technique I learned in that seminar that I apply in my photography.

    Since then, I’ve “hung up my shingle,” and am in the throes of starting up my own photography business. Chasing the light has really struck a chord with me, and I’m finding an inner voice I never knew I had.

    I’m a firm believer that you never quit learning, and it’s high time for me to put some more learning and challenge in front of me. The opportunity to learn from Rick or Juan would be a tremendous way to learn new techniques and ways to see the world I’m trying to capture in my camera’s viewfinder.

    The opportunity to learn a craft or hobby from someone who lives it 24/7 is a rare one, and I don’t know that I’m any more deserving than anyone else. I can only imagine the impact that something like this could have on my photography, and I really hope I’m selected to take advantage of this terrific opportunity.

    Regardless, I’ll continue to stay tuned to DPE, and soaking up everything I can!

    photo site: http://www.colin-wright.com
    blog: http://www.phydeaux-deauxmayne.net


  13. Dan Butterworth Says:

    It’s Trey Ratcliff’s fault!

    Seeing his work changed from photography for me from taking snapshots, to attempting to make photographs. Since then I have taken in many hours of free online content, including every DPE podcast.

    My goals as a photographer are to see and capture some of the beauty that surrounds me every day but is so easily overlooked, to capture as many moments of my son’s childhood as I can, and to provide my skills to the small non-profit science museum & wildlife sanctuary where I work.

    For the museum I’ve had to acquire a lot of skills on demand. There was one week that I was being asked for both a macro shot of a water moccasin’s fang and a panorama for our planetarium’s dome. Talk about variety! But this is the sort of thing we desperately need. Strong visual images to help educate others and and get our messages out.

    My gallery of best shots:

    Some images from work:

    Portraits of my son:

    Photography for me at this point is not a source of any significant income. Because of this I really can’t justify paid workshops with so many other family financial commitments. But Rick’s workshop is just a short drive and one state over from me. I’d love to be there. I’ve learned how to use my camera, but something like this workshop would I am sure have a profound impact on my photography and help me reach a whole new level.

    As I read the other posts and look at their work, I can’t stop myself from thinking that the best reason for you to choose me is that I need the most help!

    Thanks for reading!




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