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March 17, 2010

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Exaggeration and drama are occasionally called for when finishing an image. In this case, I wanted to make my subject look like the king of the waves. Thanks to the power of Adobe Camera Raw processing, I was able to pull an enormous amount of data out of my original capture that might have otherwise been wasted. My ordinary image was transformed into a compelling tale of action, danger, and heroism!

Cropping was the first key factor in changing the feel of this image, but when I started playing with the light… WOW! Using the basic sliders called clarity, fill and recovery, in combination with such tools as the paint brush, any photographer can draw out some exaggerated elements from their image. In this particular case, adding shadowing to the white water was the key to success. The flat, two dimensional image became deeper and took on some real life.

Adobe Camera Raw has become an important piece of software for any serious photographer to use. Start by setting your camera to capture Raw files! Personally, I prefer to start my workflow from Adobe Bridge and then step into Adobe Camera Raw for most of my work, and then into Adobe Photoshop if more digital editing is necessary. Don’t be afraid to use the latest tools to enhance the drama within your images!

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