The Rebirth of Professional Photography

April 28, 2010

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Photographs © Rick Sammon. All rights reserved.

Canon 5DMark II. Canon 24-105mm (left); Canon 70-200mm f/4 (right).

Of course this post was inspired by Randy’s post: “The Death of Professional Photography? Not!”

I could not agree with my friend Randy more! Thanks to new technology – such as the iPhone and iPad – professional and even amateur photographers now have more outlets for their work . . . easy-to-access, worldwide outlets. In effect, you can become your own publisher.

With blogs and twitter and facebook, you have free social media marketing tools to spread the news of your work and your projects. These are exciting times, indeed – if you embrace social media.

However, one thing is true: many amateurs are getting pro-quality pictures. This was demonstrated yesterday during a photo session at a remote Miao village – one of many stops on my China photo workshop.

These are two of my favorite shots. Several of the participants got similar shots. They surely will enjoy their photographs and share them with family and friends. Me? I will use them in my apps, in my books, in my e-books, in my presentations, in my articles, on my blogs and so on. I have new material with which to work – and to help build my business.

Many of my pro photographer friends feel the same way as I do. These are exciting times.

What’s more, aspiring amateurs can also take advantage of the iPhone and iPad and social media to build a side business – which could turn into a full-time business! Remember: all pros were amateurs at one time.

Embrace social media and embrace new technology. You’ll do just fine.

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