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April 29, 2010

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Dropico is a new and easy way to share your images on multiple social networking sites from just one interface, and is as simple to use as dragging and dropping.

I created this very quick video to show you how easy it is to use.

To download and try it for yourself, head on over to http://www.dropico.com/

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3 Responses to “Dropico an easy way to share your images”

  1. James Springle Says:

    Thanks for reminding about this website. I remember checking it out a couple of months ago, but their registration system was messed up. I’d create an account and then try to sign in but it would tell me that I was entering an incorrect password. So I’d go back and fill out the password reset form and it said that it was sending me an email to reset it. I never got the email no matter how many times I tried to reset. I completely forgot about it after that.

    Looks like it’s all fixed now :)


  2. Rosh - new media photographer Says:


    I had the same issue. They told me it was a major bug in the system. It does seem to be fixed.



  3. yaniv Says:

    They just released a new account manager the solves that problem, the account manager stores the accounts token (auth) for lifetime, once you setup your accounts you can access your photos anytime and you don’t have to login again,

    you have to check the Dropico addon for firefox

    it allows you to drag&drop photos from facebook/flickr/picasa/photobucket directly to Gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail, google docs, wordpress or any other web service !

    in also allows you to save any photo on the web directly to any service !


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