Mixing Brush Madness

May 14, 2010

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Upon opening my new box of Adobe PS5, I jumped right in to explore the new tools. My instant favorite is the wet mixing bristle brush. Using the wet mixing brushes is like putting “liquify-warp-smudge” on steroids.

I hastily made a couple of images into “paintings”, as I toyed around with the new PS5 settings. After a couple hours, I realized the need to start breaking down my painting into layers, for better control. I felt a bit confused at first, but after viewing a fantastic tutorial by digital artist Tim Shelbourne, some very importing settings, and layer-stacking issues were made quite clear.

This painting stuff is really fun, and will be profitable for innovative digital artists. The series of attached images show a few of my layers as I explored my way through the PS5 painting process. In an upcoming blog I will offer more details about the workflow I used. Funny thing is; this tool is so new in Photoshop that there really is no standard workflow established quite yet, and so you, like I, will forge our ways forward as we each develop our unique styles.

Like this image of the Hula Dancer?; Come and make your own in Maui! I will be teaching a couple of classes at the Maui Photo Festival and Workshops this August 25th through 29th. This event was such a blast last year. Check out the website.

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