The Edge of Light: Visions of Light

May 22, 2010

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Christ Statue - Key Largo FL © Eddie Tapp

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Light can become an emotional partner in your imaging especially when you start to hear yourself referring to the light as… Sweet Light. Sweet light is just that, light that brings an emotional attachment to seeing the light. Too many times I’ve seen sweet light and no camera, I must have hundreds of images stored in my spirit waiting to see this light again with a camera in my hands. I’ll never forget flying to SFO from New Orleans with an intermediate stop in Salt Lake City, the captain started to circle and mentioned that a large cloud was covering SLC and after 30 minutes received permission to land and started the decent. As we flew into the cloud, you couldn’t see anything at all straight away, but sitting in a window seat I looked straight down and was able to see the runway. Suddenly, the captain decided it was too dangerous and started to ascend. As we flew out of the cloud the ATC tower was above the cloud with that sweet light and my heart sank as my camera was 18 inches above me in the overhead bin. These days I have at least a small camera with me during flights.

Model: Jay Fletcher © Eddie Tapp

After studying light, light quality, how to control and use light effectively, it hit one day when I suddenly for the first time saw the light, and it changed my life forever as everything I see today, I notice the light, the light quality and even sometimes consider how I might process the contrast. Seeing light is one of the most exciting blessings in my life and it is this that allows me to wait for the Light, follow the light, and Make Light of Everything.

Image © Eddie Tapp

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4 Responses to “The Edge of Light: Visions of Light”

  1. Nathaniel Davis Says:

    Great articles appreciate the tips and your insight


  2. ronWLS Says:

    Eddie – Thanks again for a great series. This was not only very informative and a great addition to my knowledge base but also quite inspiring. I known that it can only help me see the light better now.

    Thanks Rick and Juan for making a series like this available on the DPE.


  3. Shayla Says:

    Aloha Eddie-

    I really enjoyed this series :) I am so glad you threaded it thru Facebook.

    Indeed, the ‘Sweet Light’ workshop you and Judy held in Maui was a life changer… I am now excited to grab my camera because I have ‘seen the light’ and know if I can be present in that vision with my camera, I can capture something magical.

    I must admit, I am still a novice and ‘finding the light’, but when I do… ahhhh the images become truly delicious…



  4. Eddie Tapp Says:

    Thank you all so very much… I always love sharing my passions… Eddie


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