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May 25, 2010

Photo Tips

Most of us have been asked to photograph an event on stage; in a church, auditorium, or in a theater. The angles and lighting can be difficult, and you might not be given access to the perfect shooting spot, even if you are a professional with a press pass. As more and more photographers (amateur and pro) are showing up at such events to jockey for best shooting positions, event coordinators are becoming more strict with photographers.

My suggestion is that you attend at least one stage-rehearsal in advance of the big event. Introduce yourself to the person in-charge and let them know your purpose and your desires. Ask the person in-charge about any restrictions for photographers, and let them know you will comply and work unobtrusively during the event. If you show off your professionalism, then you may be given a better shooting location.

While attending a practice session, be sure to note what lenses work best, and find space to store your gear without blocking any aisles. Look around at the lighting. Decide if there is room for a tripod. Find out if there will be security, or ushers who might try to limit your access, etc.

Personally, I like to find 3 different angles for a stage event, and I will quietly move in between during intermissions. Practice is important!

Speaking of practice; what better place on Earth is there to practice creating your images than on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific? I will be teaching a couple of classes at the Maui Photo Festival and Workshops this August 25th through 29th. This event was such a blast last year. Check out the website.

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