Yellowstone Spring Workshop updates and quick tips – Day 2

June 7, 2010

Photo Tips

"Realistic" HDR of waterfall on the Beartooth Highway, Wyoming - ©2010 Juan A. Pons

Well, today we got non-stop rain so our photography opportunities were limited. We spent quite a bit of time exploring the Beartooth Highway, Chief Joseph Scenic Byway and Dead Indian Pass while we soaked in some striking and dramatic scenery. While on Beartooth Pass we encountered fierce winds, white-out conditions and 12 foot snow drifts. Pretty dramatic weather conditions for sure!

While the weather did not cooperate, we still got the chance to make some decent images including the HDR image of the waterfall above.

Quick Tip: When shooting waterfalls or moving water, make sure to place the entry and exit points of the waterfalls away from the corner of the images. Place them on the side or bottom while giving a bit of space between it and the corner. Place the water on one of the corners makes the images seem a little tense.

Quick Tip #2: If you want to get the water looking “silky” you need to use a slow shutter speed, start at about 1 second exposure and adjust to taste. The faster the moving water the shorter the shutter speed as you will lose detail if with too long of an exposure.

A few folks asked to see images of the fox kits that yesterdays vixen was tending to. So here is one image for your enjoyment.


Red Fox kit, Cooke City, Montana - ©2010 Juan A. Pons

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4 Responses to “Yellowstone Spring Workshop updates and quick tips – Day 2”

  1. Glenn Taylor Says:

    You know I love that foreground detail in the waterfall shot. Beautiful colors.
    Looks like a great trip so far.


  2. rick sammon Says:

    Keep up the great work.. and fun!


  3. Tonya Says:

    Awesome shots, Juan! I will be there a week from today. I cannot wait!!


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