Yellowstone Spring Workshop updates and quick tips – Day 4

June 9, 2010

Photo Tips

Bison herd at the Madison River, Yellowstone, NP - ©2010 Juan A. Pons

Today we had one of our best days in the park. The weather has cleared, wildlife has been plenty and very cooperative. In the afternoon, after exploring the Old Faithful basin we encountered a hard of Buffalo with many calfs born this season. We got to enjoy watching the interaction between calfs and adults but most interesting and funny was watching the interaction between calfs, as they are very playful.

Bison cow and her calf, Yellowstone NP - ©2010 Juan A. Pons

Late in the day we experienced something special, we got to witness an entire herd crossing the Madison River, but what was real special about that, was watching the adults coaxing the calfs to cross the river. They, naturally were very reluctant at first, but with some encouragement and coaxing they finally made the river crossing, and upon reaching the shore, most juveniles would perform this very funny and interesting “happy dance”.

Bison calf crossing the Madison river, Yellowstone NP - ©2010 Juan A. Pons

Quick Tip: For more interesting and engaging wildlife images, capture the action or interaction between animals.

P.S. I’ve asked about the technical details on these images. All of the images posted for the Yellowstone series have full EXIF data so you can see all the technical details on the images.


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