Composition Week, Day 5: Shape and Form

Detail of the EMP/SFM, Seattle, WA

[Editors Note: This week we have Rob Knight on a weeklong series of composition tips just for you. We’ll have one article every day, and continuing all the way thru Saturday!]

Try making photographs that are not so literal. Instead of looking for THINGS to photograph, look for abstract shapes and designs. Isolate small pieces of a large subject and see what you can come up with. It’s fun to make a photo of a subject that everyone has seen a thousand times, but shoot it so that people ask, “what IS that?”.

Get out your macro lens and practice finding pictures within pictures. You can probably spend hours shooting in your back yard this way. Interesting shadows are also good for shape and form shots. Look for unique designs and compositions when the shadows are long at the beginning and the end of the day.

Silhouettes are a good example of a composition based on shape. The challenge is to capture the subject so that the viewer can recognize it by its’ shape alone.

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