Composition Week, Day 6: Pattern and Texture

This shot is all about the flower pattern and the texture of the wood

[Editors Note: This week we have Rob Knight on a weeklong series of composition tips just for you. We’ll have one article every day, and continuing all the way thru Saturday!]

Another great way to look beyond the obvious is to shoot patterns and textures. There are many examples of patterns that you probably walk past everyday. The row of light poles along a city street or the windows of a high-rise building are opportunities for interesting photo compositions.

The patterns found in nature are nearly endless. Look for patterns in trees, from the veins in a leaf to the forest itself. The animal kingdom has patterns like bird feathers, snake skin, cow spots, the list goes on and on. Try to make a photo that highlights the pattern more than the animal.

Like pattern, texture is everywhere. Concrete, brick, woodgrain, all can make interesting photos. This is another great use for your macro lens. When you are shooting to show texture you should be conscious of your light. Side light does the best job of highlighting texture and showing depth.

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