Yellowstone Spring Workshop updates and quick tips – Final

June 13, 2010

Photo Tips

Bull Elk Silouette, Yellowstone, NP - ©2010 Juan A. Pons

As I thought, we were almost completely without any internet connectivity and very little phone connectivity. I am posting this from the Bozeman, MT airport on my way back home. The Bull Elk, silhouetted above we taken this morning on the ride from our last hotel to the airport, very early in the morning. It pays to be ready and prepared even on the last hours of your trip (That was the quick tip for this last article, BTW). Very fitting image for one of the very last images to be made on this trip.

Black Bear close encounter, Yellowstone, NP - ©2010 Juan A. Pons

The last couple of days were amazing, the weather cleared and wildlife was very abundant. We saw more bears than I remember, some Grizzlys, some black bears, and a few cinnamon colored black bears. But that is not it, in the last two days of the workshop we saw, Pronghorn & Pronghorn fawns (some in our group even saw a just born Pronghorn taking it’s first few steps), Elk, Peregrine Flacon, Bull Moose, Osprey and Osprey chicks, Big Horn Sheep, Coyote, Red Fox, Uinta Ground Squirrel, and more. We even had a VERY close encounter with a black bear that had many of us rushing towards our vehicles.

Bison & calf, Yellowstone, NP - ©2010 Juan A. Pons

Overall I think we had incredible luck with the wildlife in Yellowstone, even as we suffered thru some not so favorable weather.

I can’t wait to be back… So far I have two Winter in Yellowstone workshops planned for 2011, and possibly more, so if you are interested in joining me on another Yellowstone photo adventure, make sure to sign-up for my newsletter to be notified as soon as the new workshop dates are announced. Workshops fill up fast, so make sure to sign-up quickly.

Bull Elk with velvet, Yellowstone, NP - ©2010 Juan A. Pons


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