Marketing Your Photography Week: Marketing in the digital age

July 25, 2010


[Editors Note: This week is “Marketing Your Photography” here on DPE with Rosh Sillars. Rosh will be bringing you a new article every day this week, make to sure to check them all out!]

One thing I know about photographers: most of them are more interested in taking photographs than marketing their products and services. One thing I know about marketing: The ability to market your work well feeds the pipeline of opportunity and leads to more work. Photographing more is what we all want.

Where does a photographer begin?

The process can be overwhelming. Usually we find one or two things that work well and stick with them. We may employ the same advertising techniques for years without knowing if they are the best use of our time or money.

There is available to us a universe of digital tools designed to help us connect with new prospects. You may be using some of them already. Remember, new marketing techniques are an addition; they are not meant to replace what is already working for your business.

You may be an amateur looking to sell the occasional print. You may be ready to take on the profession full steam. Either way, you should have a plan.

In the next seven posts I will share ideas to help create a digital marketing plan that will support your goals.

Before I begin, I’m going to share the ending or punchline of this series of articles. If you read this series of ideas and techniques I’m going to lay out, you will see an increase in quality traffic to your Web site. Web traffic leads to opportunities. Opportunities become sales.

The quality of your work, your business personality, and your ability to close the deal will determine the success of your sales. Fortunately, you have the DPExperience to help you improve the quality of your images. By the end of this series you will understand how to create your digital solar system to drive new opportunities.

Basic business, negotiating and closing the deal are not the focus of this series, but I will leave you with some resources on these subjects in the last post.

I’m assigning you some homework before tomorrow’s post: Ask yourself how you really feel about digital marketing and social media.

Take a look at your Web site. Is it good? Do you get regular traffic? How do you rank in the search engines? Are you collecting names and e-mail addresses? Before tomorrow, to the best of your ability, figure out what works and does not work in your marketing.

Tomorrow I will answer a very important question: In modern marketing whose opinion counts the most? Do you know?

This post is part of a series on digital marketing by Rosh Sillars, host of the New Media Photographer podcast and co-author of “The Linked Photographer.”

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  1. Michel Says:

    This sounds like it’s going to be a great series of articles and I will ensure I follow them.


  2. rick sammon Says:

    This series is a must read for all serious shooters!

    Thank you!


  3. Rosh Says:

    Thanks Guys, I hope you enjoy and find value in each post.



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