Marketing Your Photography Week: Are blogs important for photographers?

July 27, 2010


[Editors Note: This week is “Marketing Your Photography” here on DPE with Rosh Sillars. Rosh will be bringing you a new article every day this week, make to sure to check them all out!]

Blogs are the foundation of your social media campaign. What makes a platform or Web site a social medium is the ability to respond to the content creator. This ability to respond and communicate engages readers and viewers. It lays the groundwork for developing a community of fans around your work.

In your digital marketing solar system, your Web site is your brochure and your blog is your personality. Blogs give your followers the opportunity to understand a deeper side of who you are.

Blogs offer the opportunity to share industry commentary, new ideas, your latest work or concepts. An added benefit is that most blogs are equipped with RSS (real simple syndication). This means people who like your work can subscribe to your updates through a reader of their choice, such as Google Reader.

Imagine 10 years ago (although RSS was around) telling people that your clients and fans subscribe to your latest work and can see your new images minutes after you post.

Build your community around your blog. It is hard to develop a community around a Web site, especially because it is commerce oriented. Blogs, if done well, are a much safer place for visitors. You can occasionally promote specials on your Web site for interested followers.

If you want people to comment on your site, make sure you comment on other blogs. People appreciate you taking the time to visit and comment. Make sure you thank and respond to people who comment on your blog. The more you interact around the Internet community the greater the opportunity for people to find you and visit your sites.

Just like on your Web site, is it important to have links on your blog to your other social media hangouts. Easy access to multiple methods of contact such as e-mail is also important. Make sure you have a big, easy-to-find link to your main Web site.

Make it easy to subscribe to your blog. Some people prefer receiving posts via e-mail. This option is available through services such as FeedBurner or FeedBlitz. FeedBurner is always good to run your RSS feed through to manage and track subscribers. The free service is offered through Google.

If you create a service blog for your community, advertising is acceptable. Otherwise, I highly recommend avoiding any advertising outside your own products and services on a personal or professional photography blog. It doesn’t go over well with the Internet community. Generally the pennies you earn from adverting represent dollars lost by put- off prospects.

A blog represents a deeper side of you and your photography. Art buyers are seeking out blogs before they hire so they have a better feel for who the photographer really is and what skills they possess that may not be reflected in their portfolio.

No matter how often you post, and this goes for all social media, be consistent. Be yourself. Let the world know how special you and your photography are. If you need a place to start, both and Blogger offer great options.

The next post answers the question: Is social media a waste of time?

This post is part of a series on digital marketing by Rosh Sillars, host of the New Media Photographer podcast and co-author of “The Linked Photographer.”

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5 Responses to “Marketing Your Photography Week: Are blogs important for photographers?”

  1. John K Davis,Jr Says:

    This is a great article. Very helpful in making me stay on top of my blog page.


  2. Aaron Hockley Says:

    Great thought on blogging, Rosh. One tip I’d add is to consider the audience for your blog as a photographer. Are you looking to talk about industry topics that will be of interest primarily to other photographers, or are you looking to use the blog to market your own services and products?

    Choose your audience and make sure that you’re writing for that audience.


  3. Rosh Says:

    Good comment and addition Arron.



  4. Sergio Says:

    Very informative article. Just re-started my blog, can’t wait to get the ball rolling.


  5. Bristol Wedding Photographer Says:

    Yeah, I agree! Blogs really are important! Since I started blogging, my blog has almost three times more visitors then my main web site!


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