Marketing Your Photography Week: Don’t forget e-mail.

July 30, 2010


[Editors Note: This week is “Marketing Your Photography” here on DPE with Rosh Sillars. Rosh will be bringing you a new article every day this week, make to sure to check them all out!]

If you are not offering something of value in exchange for an e-mail address you are losing out on a great opportunity.

E-mail is alive and well and for many marketing professionals it is still considered their most effective tool. Valid e-mail addresses are gold.

Make sure you have a request for e-mail near the top of your front page in exchange for tips, photography wallpaper, or any creation you think your target market will find valuable.

Cherish and be a responsible steward of the e-mails entrusted to you. Once you have a good list of e-mails, you need to use them. A newsletter is an excellent option for sharing information with people who care about what you do.

Occasional e-mail blasts advertising specials, gallery openings, and new products are fine too, if not abused.

Good analytics seem to be standard for most e-mail companies such as Constant Contact, iContact, Vertical Response, and Mailchip. Take advantage of them. Their analytics will tell you what e-mails bounce back, what percentage were opened (open rate), who opened them, who clicked on links, and who forwarded your information to friends and associates.

Just like all electronic advertising, test your headlines. Divide your list into two or three sections and test multiple headlines to see which resulted in a better open rate. If you have a large list, test on a small scale and use the winning headline for the rest of your list.

Segment your list. If you sell landscape and animal photography, divide your e-mail list based on people’s interests and cater your e-mails accordingly.

The hardest part of e-mail marketing is developing the list. Purchasing a list is not advised unless you know and trust the company that developed the list you are buying. Never use your personal e-mail to send e-mail campaigns. If your e-mail is flagged as spam by Internet service providers, you many have trouble getting an e-mail through to your mother in the future.

Treat your e-mail list the way you would want to be treated, and your e-mail list will treat you well.

How to do put your marketing plan together? The answer and conclusion to the series tomorrow.

This post is part of a series on digital marketing by Rosh Sillars, host of the New Media Photographer podcast and co-author of “The Linked Photographer.”

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