My Top 10 iPad Apps

August 26, 2010

Photo Tips

In a completely random order, my top ten iPad apps! Some free, some paid, all used regularly. Got some more? Let’s hear about them in the comments.

  1. Square: If you take money, ever, get this. Accept credit card swipes with only a transaction cost. No up front, monthly fees or commitment.
  2. The Photographer’s Ephemeris: Great app for showing sunset/sunrise times at various locations, as well as displaying the actual angle of the sun on a map.
  3. DSLRemote: Remotely control your DSLR wirelessly. (You must connect it to a Mac or PC first though.)
  4. SmugMug: Nice app for showing off your SmugMug galleries on the ipad.
  5. EasyRelease: Fantastic Model Release application. Now we just need a camera to append a photo of the model.
  6. Starmap HD: Night sky app that uses the compass present on a non-3G iPad.
  7. Kindle: I far prefer the Kindle app to the iBooks app. Though I am still sort of partial to my Sony eink reader, the ease of purchasing ebooks as well as synchronization across all devices is a pretty killer feature. I’ve been reading ebooks almost exclusively since 2001 and this is probably my best experience yet.
  8. Photos: The built in photos app enables the iPads use as a fantastic portfolio. The ips panel displays your photos with incredible clarity and dynamic range.
  9. Share-a-bill: Great and SIMPLE app for handling any variation of sharing costs across a number of people, multiple days and costs. Calculate what everyone owes or is owed at the end.
  10. Safari: The enabler for so many other fantastic web applications such as Google Reader.

Bonus apps for when you need to just kick back and relax.

  1. Canabalt: Simple, fun game! One button to control.
  2. TowerMadness HD: Fantastic tower defense game. Warning: ADDICTIVE!
  3. Words with Friends HD: Scrabble. Er, not scrabble. But, yeah, scrabble. Played turn-based over the internet or locally.

Bonus #2

Don’t forget Rick’s apps, some of which were co-developed with Juan!


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4 Responses to “My Top 10 iPad Apps”

  1. Chris Liphart Says:

    What case are you using? It looks really nice!


  2. Soren Hedberg Says:

    Great list. Personally I prefer reading books in the iBooks app, though it can’t come close to matching the selection of the Kindle app.

    I’d also recommend Evernote, it’s a great note-taking app. The Photoshop app is also nice for doing quick and dirty edits on iPhone pictures that I email to myself. As far as kick-back and relax apps, I suggest Scrabble and Fruit Ninja.


  3. Jeremy Pollack Says:

    Thanks Soren.

    I love and live and die by Microsoft OneNote, so I haven’t tried Evernote. If you don’t have access to OneNote (which I don’t on the ipad! :( ) then EverNote is a fantastic alternative.

    I’ll definitely check out Fruit Ninja. I tried Scrabble but found the generic Words with Friends a much better implementation, at least a few months back.


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