9.21 Tuesday’s Talented Twitter Find: Trace Aiken

September 21, 2010


Hey Gang,

We have a cool weekly feature here on DPE: Tuesday’s Talented Twitter Find.

Each Tuesday I choose a photographer who I find on Twitter  who is . . . well, talented!

I find ‘em by reading an interesting tweet and then by clicking on his or her web site.

This week’s Talented Twitter Find is Trace Aiken.

I think his shot (above) of an old fan is very creative. Plus the message on his blog about things not being made to last rings true with me.

About Trace’s creative image: Compared it to the image below – a boring snapshot that I took of a my grandmother’s fan  that was made back in the 1940s (right), and a replica that was made in the 1990s. I took the snapshot to illustrate the difference between taking a picture and making a picture. The next time you want to take a picture… make one, as Trace did.

Hey: My bet is that my grandmother’s fan wil be around longer…. than the replica and me!

As an aside, these old fans were truly works of art – but totally unsafe. I almost lost a finger as a kid one summer!

These fans were adjustable. They swiveled, rotated and were very quite. And, they were good looking!

You could be our next Tuesday’s Talented Twitter Find! Keep posting cool stuff on Twitter! And keep cool :-)

Explore the light,


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  1. Mark Says:

    An awesome image and a great find Rick.


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