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Randy is owner of Hawaii's oldest fine-art photography gallery. He left the world of corporate & medical photography behind 20 years ago to realize his dream of becoming a professional camera artist. He is an avid outdoorsman who proclaims, "My tent is my castle, and my kayak is my limousine." You can visit Randy's website at

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Chit-Chat to Your Subject

February 26, 2010


It is important to strike up an on-going chit-chat with any person you are photographing. Talk about anything. Laugh; give directions; ask questions. I even talk to myself out loud, just so that the pressure is taken off of my subject. I’ll say things like, “Dang! Try to focus the stinkin’ camera next time Randy!” […]

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Freezing The Action in Water Sports Photography

February 22, 2010


With the evolution of digital cameras and RAW file processors, we are now enabled to capture remarkable water sports images. Such outstanding photographs were previously reserved for the pages of national magazines like Sports Illustrated. Now we all have the “secret” tools at our own fingertips! Most of our DSLR cameras today have super-fast shutter […]

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Notice the Habits and Tendencies

February 10, 2010


Whether you are photographing a person, an animal, or any living creature, you should make yourself aware of any behavioral patterns or physical tendencies that your subject exhibits. This week I was out in my kayak capturing some new images of Humpback Whales in the shallow waters off of Maui. This is something I am […]

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