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Terrie Eliker is a photographer, writer and graphic artist based on the island of Maui. She is also creator and creative director of the Maui Photo Festival & Workshops. or

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Beating Lens Fungus

January 29, 2010


While most folks might find the idea of living and photographing in Hawaii as paradise, for a photographer living at the edge of a rainforest, the battle to protect his cameras and lenses from fungus is a constant threat. After losing a 300mm 2.8 lens to the stuff, Maui photographer Zane Mathias decided to get […]

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A Big Swell at Jaws

December 16, 2009


What does every Maui photographer want for Christmas? A big swell at Jaws. With faces as high as 50 feet, the world’s best tow-in surfers (so named because they’re towed out to the monster waves by Jetski) were out in force at Peahi on Maui, more commonly known as Jaws. Maui photographer Zane Mathias has […]

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The Quintessential Hawaiian Photo Shoot

December 2, 2009


Our goal with the first Maui Photo Festival & Workshops (MPF) was to make Maui as big a star as our presenting pros. Nowhere was that more evident than during the last shooting session of the five-day-long event: Maui fine-art photographer Randy Jay Braun’s “Quintessential Hawaiian Photo Shoot: Hula on the Beach at Sunset.” Trained […]

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